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CK2 Cheats

Ck2 cheats – Crusader kings 2 is a kind of strategy game. The development credit all and all goes to Paradox Development Studio. It’s been published as the sequel to Crusader Kings. For the time being it is compatible with the Microsoft Windows.

GunBlood Cheats

Ck2 Cheats and Console commands

Ck2 Console Commands – In this article we will reveal about the crusader kings 2 cheats and cks2 console Commands. During the game play press “~” key in order to open the console window. Then types any of the following code and hit “ENTER” key to activate the corresponding cheat functions.

ck2 cheats ck2 console commands

Ck2 Cheats Codes Cheat Codes Effect
cash +5,000 gold
piety +5,000 piety
prestige +5,000 prestige
age [character id] + or -[number] Set character’s age
add_diplomacy [character id]+ or -[number] Set character’s diplomacy
add_intrigue [character id] +or -[number] Set character’s intrigue
Set character’s learning
add_martial [character id] +or -[number] Set character’s martial
add_stewardship [character id] + or -[number] Set character’s stewardship
neg_diplo Allow sending diplomacy that will be rejected
Observe AI control
culture [culture name] Change character’s culture
religon [sect name] Change religion
kill [character id] Kills character
event 1711 Remove arbitrary
event 38283 Remove ill
fow Togle fog of war
charinfo 1 Unlock extra character info
claim [title] [character id] Give character a claim to selected title /
give_title [title] [character id] Gives title to character
give_title c_[county name] [character id] Grants character selected county; use “titleb_dyn_founding” character id for patricians
give_title b_[barony name] [character id] Grants character selected barony; use “
give_title d_[duchy name][character id] Grants character selected duchy; use “
give_title k_[kingdom name] [character id] Grants character selected kingdom; use “titleb_dyn_founding” character id for patricians
give_title e_[empire name] [character id] Grants character selected empire; use “
pollinate [female character id] [male character id] Impregnate female character by male character
event 450 [female character id] Initiate mistress event between female courtier and male liege
event 64000 to event 64145 Lovers events; new events initiated every fifth number (64030, 64035, etc.)
marry_anyone Marry anyone, including close family
allow_laws Set any law with no waiting or vote
move [character id] Move selected character to your court; does not work on rulers
discover_plots Plots always discovered
imprison [prisoner character id] [jailer character id] Put prisoner in jailer’s dungeon
play [character id] Switch control to indicated character
help “No help for you!” message
clear Clear console screen

Get Latest just cause 3 cheats ps4

just cause 3

Just cause 3 cheats ps4–  At the present moment Just Cause 3 is one of the biggest games that allow you to do some incredible stunt in the form of acrobatics. In just cause 3 there are number of unlockable that granted you an access to some of the coolest parts of the game. Like if we talk about just cause 3 coolest cars, and how to unlock just cause 3 cars? Best gun and how to unlock just cause best guns. These unlocks and cheats will work on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

just cause 3 cheats ps4

Just Cause 3 Cheats PS4 and unlocks

NOIR MODE In order to unlock the Noir mode, find all the vintage parts which changes the graphic filters to black and white.
FAST TRAVEL In order to unlock Fast Travel Find all the Rebel Shrine locations.

Unique Weapons

Successfully complete the mentioned task in order to get the destructive weapons

Gunblood Cheat

GunBlood Cheats

Weapon Task Coordinates
Capstone Hydra Capture Cava Grenade in Prsopere at N40 45.651, E5 40.622.
CS Negotiator Capture Le Gelera in Sud Sirocco at N40 36.937, E5 44.278.
CS-110 Archangel Capture Espia Alta in Capite Est. at N40 46.800, E5 33.312.
CS-44 Peace bringer Find 14 parts in Insula Dracon.  
Dionysus PLDS-H Progress through the storyline  
Fire Leech Capture Cava Geminos Nord in Rocca Blauda at N40 48.026, E5 33.954.
M-488 Progress through the storyline  
The Thunderbird Progress through the storyline  
U-24 Shotgun Bully Find 18 parts in Insula Fonte.  
UPU-210 Capture Espia Bassa in Petra at N40 42.031, E5 36.760.
Urga STUPKA-210 (Handheld Mortar) Find 23 Ancient Tombs in Insula Striate  
USV-45 Sokol Capture Vigilator Nord in Plague at N40 42.477, E5 45.037.
UVK-13 Capture Vigilator in Sud Sirocco at N40 38.428, E5 41.598.

Unique vehicles

Successfully complete the mentioned task in order to get the Unique and fast vehicles

Weapon Task Coordinates
Assault Chopper Successfully complete the game.  
Bavarium Tank Found inside a military base near a small lake in Monta on Insula Striate N40 46.925, E5 43.347.
Bomber Jet Found in Insula Striate at N40 49.621, E5 32.301.
Cart Urga 570 Capture Cava Geminos Est. in Rocca Blauda N40 47.538, E5 34.628.
Cavouk U-15 Capture Cava Grande Secunda in Prospere N40 45.245, E5 39.81
CS BALTDJUR Capture Cima Leon Silos in Lacos at N40 41.357, E5 43.561.
Custom Geschwind Successfully complete all thirteen Daredevil Jumps in Insula Forte. N40 44.510, E5 44.631
Custom Kletter 300 Successfully complete all ten Daredevil Jumps in Insula Dracon.  
Fighter Jet  Found at  
Incendario Monster Truck Successfully complete all seven Daredevil Jumps in Insula Striate.  
Navajo Assault Chopper Found in Puncta Sud at N40 41.145, E5 37.401
Stri Facocero Capture Porto Le Gratia in Lavanda at N40 41.232, E5 42.278
Urga Hound-7 V-8 Capture Le Tutor in Nord Sirocco at N40 39.952, E5 41.759.
Urga STURM 63-A Capture Cava Geminos in Sud Rocca Blauda at N40 47.289, E5 33.590. 

For more just cause 3 cheats and to submit any cheats related to the Just Cause 3 we welcome you. Have fun just Cause 3 cheats PS4.

Gunblood Hacked Gunblood Cheats

Gunblood Hacked – Gun Blood Cheats

Gunblood Hacked Information

  • Start the game and type in these cheats in the cheat box (note – it will not say cheat enabled or anything):
  • NOHIT – Invincibility
  • MOREAMMO – Infinite Ammo
  • POINTER – Adds a Laser Sight
  • FASTFIRE – Shoot very fast


Gunblood game is one of the popular online flash game based on the cow boy life style or you can say the life style of a shooter. Its is one of the first shooting person game or blood shooter game which you can play to test your fast response and accuracy both together. The main objective or mission in this amazing and wonderful game is to kill the opponent faster and quicker and become most dangerous shooter by defeating all other shooters in a gun to gun fight. Game comprises an enormous amount of new levels specifically nine levels which are full of very interesting missions.

GunBlood Cheats

Within or between killings of opponents there are bonus tours or levels usually four in number which have to be passed after every third level for example bonus tour on shooting at the bottles and so on. The bonus missions are necessarily the best way of gaining shooting experience and additionally improving reaction and can earn player a lot of additional points and amassing huge high scores. Bonus levels are there to increase your score and mandatory to clear them in order to reach at top. Now what are you waiting for just try the gunblood game of western shootout game.

gunblood hacked

Enjoy the gunblood game with gunblood cheats and gunblood hacked.


GunBlood Cheats

Gunblood Cheats Code

GunBlood Cheats for Gunblood

The following are gunblood cheats codes, you can try on the gunblood game. They are sometimes called gunblood hacked but they are cheat codes for the gunblood western shootout game.  So if you do not want to be an ordinary gun slinger just choose your character and then type one of the cheat codes below. That’s all there is too it! Now just play and enjoy playing the western shooting game with cheats Code for Gunblood .

Type any of there code into the cheat box of game while selecting the Character.Following are the Cheats Code for Gun Blood

  • NOHIT = invincibility
  • MOREAMMO = infinite ammo (note: need to shoot assistant in bonus rounds in order to play)
  • POINTER = add laser pointer to the gun
  • FASTFIRE = click and shoot faster

Play GunBlood 1 Game Online

GunBlood Cheats 

GunBlood Cheats Codes

Gunblood Cheats Code Level

  • Level1
  • Level2
  • Level3
  • Level4
  • Level5
  • Level6
  • Level7
  • Level8
  • Level9
  • Bonus1
  • Bonus2
  • Bonus3
  • Bonus4

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Play GUNBLOOD  Online Game  GunBlood

Play GunBlood Online Game – Once you start playing it believe me you will be addicted and will play again and again. You need to place your mouse over the chamber of the gun. Then you need to wait for 3 seconds and when countdown reaches fire sudden. Shoot your opponent with accuracy and as fast as you can. The rule is simple you have to kill your enemy otherwise he will kill you and you will lose.

GunBlood Online Game

How to Play GunBlood Online Game with

GunBlood Cheats

  • Use the mouse to play the GunBlood Game
  • Click the ‘Start Game’ Button.
  • Select the best looking Character as per your personality.
  • You can enter the Gunblood Cheats Code in cheat’s text box and then click on ‘Cheats’ button.
  • Begin the Level by placing the cursor at the barrel of your gun. Barrel is located at the lower left hand corner
  •  When the computer says fire. Open fire rapidly to blow the mind of your rival.
  • The mission of game is to become the worst gangster in the GunBlood.

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