GunBlood Cheats

GunBlood Cheats for Gunblood

The following are gunblood cheats codes, you can try on the gunblood game. They are sometimes called gunblood hacked but they are cheat codes for the gunblood western shootout game.  So if you do not want to be an ordinary gun slinger just choose your character and then type one of the cheat codes below. That’s all there is too it! Now just play and enjoy playing the western shooting game with cheats Code for Gunblood .

Type any of there code into the cheat box of game while selecting the Character.Following are the Cheats Code for Gun Blood

  • NOHIT = invincibility
  • MOREAMMO = infinite ammo (note: need to shoot assistant in bonus rounds in order to play)
  • POINTER = add laser pointer to the gun
  • FASTFIRE = click and shoot faster

Play GunBlood 1 Game Online

GunBlood Cheats 

GunBlood Cheats Codes

Gunblood Cheats Code Level

  • Level1
  • Level2
  • Level3
  • Level4
  • Level5
  • Level6
  • Level7
  • Level8
  • Level9
  • Bonus1
  • Bonus2
  • Bonus3
  • Bonus4

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